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A Right Relationship with God

Article written by  IvanOlga of MelquisedecLisbet

Greetings to our Father Melquisedec and our Mother Christ Lisbet, the physical, tangible and palpable manifestation of God MelquisedecLisbet here on Earth. Mother you are the way, the truth and the light of the world, the Holy Spirit. We ask our Father Melquisedec in the holiest of all names, Lisbet, that our actions always dress You in the purest and finest linen and that we may bear much fruit that is pleasing to our Parents MelquisedecLisbet. If there is justice in our petition, then it is done. Amen Hallelujah! Greetings to our brother, the perfect man JimmyDevinn and to all our brothers and sisters in all the nations. We are so grateful to you Mother for your wisdom and guidance, for the truth and the knowledge that you have imparted on us and for the immense love that you have for your children of the promise. We would like to share an article that analyzes the nature of the carnal mind, how blatantly evident it is in us even since infancy, and how we can achieve a right relationship with God, MelquisedecLisbet.

The common saying, “the innocence of a child” when referring to a child’s natural human instinct when reacting to a stimulus can give us an in-depth look into the degenerative condition that plagues human beings resulting in their death. If you have ever had the opportunity to observe a couple of toddlers at play you may have witnessed a scenario unfold in front you that went something like this.  Let’s say two toddlers are at play independently from each other and each toddler has his or her own toy. One of the toddlers suddenly becomes aware that the other toddler in the room is playing with a different toy than the one he or she has. The toddler’s innate human instinct is to acquire the toy for his or her own playing pleasure. How does a toddler go about getting what he or she wants from the other toddler and what measures will he or she take to acquire the toy for him or herself? Given the previously mentioned scenario you may witness one of two measures taken by the toddler in his or her quest to acquire the toy for him or herself.

Measure number one: If the toddler who is trying to acquire the desired toy is more aggressive and physically stronger than the other toddler you may see him or her physically remove the toy using various techniques such as hitting, biting, hair pulling, pinching, etc. If the toddler who possess the desired toy is physically larger and more aggressive than the toddler who is attempting to acquire the desired toy, then you may witness the toddler begin to plot a plan of action to retrieve the toy for him or herself. The outcome of attempting to acquire the desired toy will be one of physical and or emotional pain for one or both of the toddlers.  Regardless of the outcome, the desire to acquire the toy belonging to another leads to an internal and external conflict within both human beings.

The example depicted above details the innate natural instinct of human beings. Human beings by design are naturally evil. No one is good. Genesis 6:5 The Lord saw that the people on the earth were very evil. He saw that they thought only about evil things all the time. The natural human instinct is continuously on doing evil. “The innocence of a child” or the innate evil reactive condition of human beings results in detestable actions before God the Father MelquisedecLisbet and is evidenced by a short and finite lifespan. Human beings possess the ability to perceive and recognize what is wrong from what is right; however, they lack the ability to overcome the intentions of the innate evil nature within them. What is wrong and what is right? What is wrong is human being’s innate evil nature. What is right is the life in the Spirit in Christ Lisbet. To be made right with MelquisedecLisbet is to keep all his laws and commandments in Christ Lisbet. The law and the command is good and spiritual, and it is meant to give life. Romans 7:12 Now the law is holy, and the command is holy and right and good.

Actions have an origin, a place of birth so to speak. Actions originate in the mind of a human being whose nature we’ve identified as innately evil. Human beings react to a stimulus based on their innate human nature that is driven by emotions and triggered by thoughts that arise in the mind.  Thoughts manifest into actions and actions reflect the innate evil nature of human beings. Their actions are driven by a carnal and perverse mind. Ultimately through the process of time the carnal and perverse mind deteriorates the body to a state of finality, physical death. Human being’s inability to comply with the written law does not allow them to have a right relationship with God MelquisedecLisbet.  

How can a human being possibly attain a right relationship with God MelquisedecLisbet? 2 Corinthians 1:3 Praise be to the God and Father, the Husband, of our Lord Christ Lisbet. Melquisedec is the Father who is full of mercy, the God of all comfort. God the Father Melquisedec makes His law and His command known to human beings through Christ Lisbet, the representation of the written law in human form. For love of the Father Melquisedec and the sanctity of human beings, Christ Lisbet sacrificed living life according the innate evil nature that enslaves and corrupts human beings resulting in their death. Romans 3:25 Melquisedec gave Lisbet as a way to forgive people’s sins through their faith in her. Melquisedec can forgive them because the blood sacrifice of Lisbet pays for their sins. Melquisedec gave Lisbet to show that he always does what is right and fair. Only when the law and commandment of Melquisedec is present in the person of Christ Lisbet is when MelquisedecLisbet extends His undeserving mercy, forgiving human beings of their sins. Christ Lisbet was given over to die to the power the innate evil human nature had over her, giving meaning to the law of Melquisedec (Matthew 5:13). Christ Lisbet’s death to the innate human nature broke the power it possessed over human beings that willed them to commit detestable actions before Melquisedec. Hebrews 2:14 These children are people with physical bodies. So Lisbet herself became like them and had the same experiences they have. Lisbet did this so that, by dying, she could destroy the one who has the power of death—the devil. For this reason Christ Lisbet was offered once to die to her innate human nature and her sacrifice made her right with Melquisedec. The law of Melquisedec requires perfect obedience from all who is under the law and in her death Lisbet satisfied the requirement of the law. Romans 10:4 Christ Lisbet ended the law so that everyone who believes in her is made right with God. Only by believing in the sacrifice of Christ Lisbet can a human being satisfy the requirement of the law and attain a right relationship with MelquisedecLisbet.

When human beings accept the undeserving mercy of Melquisedec through Christ Lisbet, they are made a new creation created in the image and likeness of MelquisedecLisbet (Genesis 1:26-27). Upon receiving the Spirit of MelquisedecLisbet, human beings are gifted the ability to overcome the innate human nature perceiving and recognizing the intentions of every thought. This way, the way of Christ Lisbet, human beings may prevail doing what is good and pleasing before God MelquisedecLisbet.