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True Prophets of God MelquisedecLisbet, DiegoAdriana

Greetings beloved Mother God Lisbet, glory to our Father Melquisedec, our Great High Priest, who has baptized us with the waters of eternal life, who cleanses and purifies us from any bad habit or custom from our former way of life as mortal men. You have given us life and immortality through your wisdom and knowledge you are our bread of life, manna which has descended from heaven to satisfy the hunger and thirst we had for the things of this world, and so that we are no longer slaves of carnal mind that humiliated us. But you our Queen have arrived and you have given us the weapons to overcome those principalities and powers of darkness that governed in our minds, we are no longer slaves, we have conquered and now we live in the glorious freedom of children of God. Amen! Hallelujah!

We also greet our beloved brethren, kings and priests who have won over the corruption of carnal mind and now are seated at the right hand of Christ Lisbet, the Female Lamb.

There are so many people who have suffered greatly and are looking for comfort and a change in their lives, these people attempt to seek God in these religious institutions but these false religious leaders take advantage of those suffered lives. But thanks to your love and mercy you have sent your holy angels to serve the japhethites, so that they may be saved from themselves (their carnal mind) and so that they too may live in peace and harmony for all eternity on our beautiful planet earth. Amen! Hallelujah!