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A Senator, a Governor, or a President submitted to MelquisedecLisbet will put an end to all evil among nations


 Houston, TX – March 14, 2016. We are living times when God’s promises are being fulfilled. Humanity is awaiting for a change in the course of society, politics, economics, and spirituality for thousands of years. It is extremely necessary for mankind to stop looking at God, as a mystical being, far away from his reach. God has always interacted with man, and has faced his cruelty and selfishness in not accepting the salvation from the corruptibility that throughout the ages has been consuming each generation, leading to chaos, perversion, injustice and confrontation, that only God can stop. The gateway to that so needed change for all nations, cultures, and beliefs arround the world is Christ Lisbet. Christ is a Woman, and Her presence is crucial for the restitution of all fases of humanity, why? because only the Light that comes from Her words brings cleanliness to the minds of all those who believe in Her (John 14:6) and receive Her message, so they may be born again from the Spirit and become children of God (John 1:12-13), and that is because They only deal with man spiritually. Rulers of the world, politicians, religious leaders, peoples from all societies, listen to the Voice that shakes not only the earth, but also heaven, and fear the Lord MelquisedecLisbet with reverence (Joshua 24:14), serve Them in sincerity and in truth, and you will have all the blessings from God (Genesis 12:2). Seek God, while They may be found today, call upon Them for They are near (Isaiah 55:6-8).

Isaiah 60:3 “And all nations shall come to your light, and kings will come to the brightness of thy rising.”

Exodus 23:25-28 The Light of the World, Christ Lisbet is here, and She is teaching men how to die to the carnal mind. Those who come to Her will gain wisdom and understanding to govern with righteousness and justice, it will go well for them, but those who do not want to receive the cleanliness that Christ Lisbet brings, will perish because no one can stop the corruption that is in their minds of darkness because of the lack of the knowledge of God MelquisedecLisbet.

“A senator, a governor, or president submitted to MelquisedecLisbet would help people greatly. All evil, corruption, crime, poverty, and the deficit that all nations face would end.” – said Christ Lisbet, on Her conference of March 6, 2016: The Blessing of God.

About King of Salem: The King of Salem, Melquisedec is without beginning of days, nor with end of life, who met Abraham after the battle of the kings (Hebrews 7:1-7). The true name of God the Father has been revealed by His Wife, Christ Lisbet. She is the image of Melquisedec. Christ Lisbet is the Messiah that was to come to earth to fulfill God’s promise of giving eternal life to men, by purifying their minds, so they can please God and live in peace and justice without end, in the perfect order of MelquisedecLisbet. (Isaiah 60:3; Daniel 12:3-4; Isaiah 11:10).