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The human manifestation of Christ – Does it make it easy for you? Or does it make you stumble?

Did you know that Christ is a Woman?

“if you hear his voice, harden not your hearts!” – Hebrews 3:15

In the not too distant future, the world will point to religion as one of the worst scourges affecting humanity.

Religion, the promoter of deceptions and failures told us about a mystical Christ and introduced us to a God completely far away from reality.

For this reason even today, there are millions of people confused waiting to see a totally unrealistic Christ. This is extremely delicate, because you are playing with the faith of the devotees, that with the passing of days they see how their hope of having an encounter with Christ is diluted.

Also, due to having that wrongful vision of the Second Coming of Christ, there is risk of when that coming occurs that it would be unknown or rejected by those who have a different vision about it.

Today, Christ has manifested, her name is Lisbet, the Wife of God Mequisedec.

It is very important to remember that one of the titles used, even by Christ in the first century, was ‘the Son of Man’. The reason for this term stems from the fact that Christ would come into the world like any human being, conceived and given birth by a man and a woman. The way to identify her would be by hearing her message and studying it in the light of the biblical evidence.

The Christ in her Second Coming would manifest so humanly that some of those who waited for her would deny her because they waited for a mystical and unreal being. Those doubts would be generated due to her undoubted human essence.

That is why a warning is written, so we could be prepared for her coming: if you hear his voice, do not harden your heart!” – Hebrews 3:15

Christ has manifested among us, and not only that, but she is a woman and she has a name above all names, Lisbet. She has presented to the world the true name of God the Father Melquisedec as They are 2 in 1, Husband and Wife. It is only necessary for you to put Them to the test and see the power of Their name: Ask the Father Melquisedec, in the name of Christ, Lisbet whatever is righteous and it will be done.