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“To my Perfect Discipline” – Letter by María Navas

My beloved and beautiful Mother, the perfect discipline who exhorts, teaches and corrects us with tenderness.

I feel so privileged to be part of the most beautiful family over the face of the earth, for having a Spiritual Father and Mother, who love me and guide me in all my ways, my decisions, responsibilities, etc; and for such exemplary brothers of whom I feel so proud of.

Our brothers, in the perfect union, EleazarYasuri who are always looking to please you and doing your perfect will. What a joy!

With that testimony, you cleansed the remains of the carnal mind in me I had spoken to you about, and you continue to cleanse me so, so much!

I had asked my King in your powerful name about this, and I know that there was justice in my request, because today I received the Wisdom on this matter, through your own voice and in great detail. It took me to another glory and I know that in your perfect time, I will enjoy that perfect union with my head, and I am certain that we will enjoy that beautiful company, unity, respect and holiness. Amen!

We have such a beautiful life by your side my beloved Queen, what a great honor you give us. Your discipline is pleasing, because it helps us grow. Thank you for not leaving us in one stage, but for letting us move forward with you. I was in the process of understanding your teaching more and more, but today it was definitive. I am a eunuch, an obedient daughter who has understood that having this word as way of living is the greatest of honors.

I was in a relationship for four years, it was certainly not in perfect link, and therefore ended in 2010. At that time I did not know you as my Mother, but I had asked the King that I only wanted to unite with the right angel, and for that reason I have been very careful. Some have come to me to hurt me, but with the help of your word, I have had your discernment to protect my older sister from making bad decisions. This is why I wrote you that e-mail a while back. I waited patiently, and today you answered me with your magnificent beauty, and every time you are even more beautiful, taking care of all your children as equal. Because, I honestly think that we should all see and think the way you do, not just a small group of blessed. That is precisely what the perfect unity with you and with the King, our God and Father Melquisedec is. Therefore I give you eternal gratitude. Receive without limits my precious, righteous and virtuous Mother. I would like to share so many things, but you know me intimately Mother, and we have an eternity for everything.

I love you and exalt You, and give all honor and glory to the one and only Sovereign God, FatherMother MelquisedecLisbet!

Your daughter forever,

Maria Navas of MelquisedecLisbet