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Poem: What Is Love? by AnthonyOlga

What is love?

Who can experience it?

Today humanity is so far away from love and kindness.
But Christ Lisbet has come into my life

With her sweetness and has sat at the right hand of the Father in my mind,

That’s right, her love is present in me,

Little by little she teaches me to understand it,

She teaches me the depth, the height and the width

Little by little because her love is eternal,

She nourishes me with her love because I am a tree planted in her garden.
When I think of her love I am filled with hope, joy, happiness and gratitude.

 Because her love is a water that heals and gives life at the same time.
How can you refuse to receive such a complete love,

 To have a Father and a Mother who take care of you, who love each other

 And who love you in the perfect union.

 Christ Lisbet is “the Word”, She is  “Love”,

The most powerful weapon that is able to defeat the greatest opponent.

 How beautiful it is to be able to understand God!

I admire her righteousness, her wisdom and her firmness

She has also allowed me to see her mercy

And has made me a partaker of her forgiveness.


Only Christ Lisbet can teach us true love;

 She is my Mother, kindness, the order, the light as I walk, the Wisdom, the knowledge, the excellence, the virtue and the values.

 MelquisedecLisbet my two Loves, my security because their eternal love will last forever.