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God does not want anyone to die

Today the world has the opportunity to obtain the justice of the Almighty God, to live forever. Do not take these words lightly, MelquisedecLisbet is a righteous God, and They only want the best for everyone who wants to find the life of the Spirit; thus experiencing, the true and permanent joy and peace that surpasses all understanding. (Matthew 16:25). Anyone who gives his life, which is dying to his former and vain way of living, will find the favor of Jehovah, MelquisedecLisbet, to never die. That is why, the Anointed Savior, Christ Lisbet, (Hebrews 2:14) also participated of an earthly body, to be able to show us how to die to the carnal mind, and to defeat the one who had the power of death; teaching us to make a living and holy sacrifice to God MelquisedecLisbet, which is doing everything that pleases Them.
The great love of God the Mother, as the Christ is the greatest example to follow, of faith, obedience, fidelity, patience and reverent fear.