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Christ Lisbet: The Clean Slate and New Account

Conference; Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Clean Slate and New Account

The clean slate and new account is for anyone who wants to start over as a new person of the spirit. Do you know how many people would do anything to start over and do things differently and correctly, and simply cannot because time has passed and what is done is done? But God is present and is giving you a clean slate and new account so you can do things right forever. But if they do not change for good, what will fall on that person will be shame and humiliation, and your fate will be under the unjust and false judgment of men that is so corrupt that it condemns you when you are innocent or gives you freedom when you are guilty. But we who love the clean slate and new account of God and live orderly lives, always doing what is right before God and men, that is, fulfilling the law of God and respecting that of men. Are under the justice of God, always having God as our just judge and we will never be ashamed or humiliated. With accepting the clean slate and new account, your land is cleared and you are given new seeds to plant, which are good. But if you do not accept the clean slate and new account, which is to live only sowing good to reap good and never sowing evil, then that same law of sowing and harvesting will ask you for everything you have done in the past and you will have to pay a high price for thinking that your past would be forgotten, even without having accepted the clean slate and new account from God. God’s justice does not work that way. If you accept my clean slate, your past will remain in the past and God gives you the opportunity to start over, to start from scratch and do everything right. But you have to submit yourself to live totally according to the perfect order of God MelquisedecLisbet.