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“Blessed is the Fruit of Your Womb” – Christ Lisbet reveals the meaning of this phrase

Blessed is the Fruit of Your Womb

Christ Lisbet has proven once again that the Bible has been manipulated to hide the truth about Christ as the Wife of God the Father Melquisedec. On this important topic, She shows us how with the phrase “Blessed is the fruit of your womb” God was not referring to a child of flesh and blood, born of a woman’s physical womb, but it is referring to the human being who is born again of the spiritual Womb of Christ, as a righteous spirit made perfect by God. This birth is only possible through the words preached by Chrsit Lisbet today, because without MelquisedecLisbet, no one can be made a holy temple for God, because alone, man cannot discern the evil thoughts to overcome them and thereby cannot overcome death. In other words, those men men who spend their time preaching about God and singing to God, are working in vain because it is only through the spiritual womb of Christ Lisbet that God the Father is reached. As it says in:

James 1:18

18 God, by Their own will, made us be born again through the Word of truth that They gave us (Christ Lisbet) and, of all creation, we become Their valuable possession, so that we may be the first fruits of Their creatures.

The words that Christ Lisbet is speaking are what makes you be born again from the spirit so you can please God and inherit eternal life.

Watch this revealing conference, to see the evidence that will lead you to receive the indestructible inheritance of being made a child of MelquisedecChristLisbet, who are here to save you and give you eternal life, a life in Their peace, repose and justice.

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