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We are living the days of the fullness of times …

Days in which the true God, MelquisedecLisbet has manifested and is here present among Their people as Christ Lisbet to fulfill all the promises contained in the eternal covenant for those who are of faith, as Abraham, who when having heard Christ, believed in God and was fully confident in the only God MelquisedecLisbet that They would fulfill Their promises. Today, is when the spiritual descendance as countless as the sand on the seashore is manifesting.

Today, God the Father Melquisedec through His Wife, Christ Lisbet is bringing peace and reconciliation to all who hunger and thirst for justice. Become a witness of the fulfillment of everything said by the prophets and enjoy the gift of peace, and justice that have no end that only the Government of God on Earth can bring to mankind, the Kingdom of the Kings of Salem MelquisedecChristLisbet, who have manifested in this times to fulfill Their promise of giving eternal life to all who believe in Their Name.

We believe that the powerful message of Christ Lisbet will heal and bring the order that pleases God in all areas of the lives of people around the world regardless of culture, race, religion or any social background.

Keep up to date with the latest information coming out of the Throne of Grace and become a witness of how every word that comes out of the mouth of our God MelquisedecLisbet is taking place today, bringing justice, peace and eternal love.